How to remove your outdated website from Google search results?

A few days ago, I switched to another domain name for my Personal site, and let the domain expire and now the problem is the old domain is still being indexed by Google and I don’t have control to the domain to redirect it to my new site.

If you face a similar issue you can submit your domain through Google Webmasters tool.

Solution: Requesting Google to remove the page from search results:

Mistake: Just after two days, the status shows page removed, but when I search on Google again still page exists, I applied to remove “http” version of my site to be removed instead of “https” which is indexed by Google.

So whenever you wish to remove your indexed page from Google, make sure you submit the exact version of your site, I mean if it’s “https” then you should submit the same version to be removed.

Once you submit the request it might take a few days to remove your URL from Google Search Results or Google indexed pages or crawled pages.

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