Infuse and Soak – knowledge from WordPress open source community

On occasion on WordPress 14th anniversary.
JaiWP- Mumbai Style.

What can you Infuse by going to the Wordcamp,Meetups , conferences?
I usually attend meetups and conferences…
The reason behind that is to learn something and then earn something it depends on you what to soak, some people attend conferences to learn and earn eventually the get a chance to speak with the person they don’t know that’s called networking some people get job if they speak up with people.
Here is my story I got addicted to Wordcamp, conferences, meetups and events.
I attended one forum which was conducted by big name global payment company here in Mumbai there I met person who is one of the famous blogger in India we spoke to each other we eventually got friends on Facebook I checked his pictures so I seen they were here in Mumbai for the event called WordCamp so I just googled it and seen that there is meetup group here in Mumbai which is called WordPress Mumbai Meetup group so went to the group and signed up and attended my first meetup in May of 2015 it was beginner’s workshop for users.
I knew WordPress since 2009 got domain and hosting installed WordPress and did nothing it got expired and never renewed. I was told by some friend that you can create a website without any coding skills.
So let me come back to the point I soaked too much information about it when I started attending meetup of the Mumbai WordPress meetup group it’s their courtesy where I am today with the knowledge which I got from the community that’s what I call soaking the knowledge in return I made new friends had lots of fun got a chance to Volunteer for WordCamp Mumbai and guess what I became Co-Organizer learned leadership skills,learned how slacks works. Slack says that where work happens and it really does.
I made handsome of money in the background by building websites still doing my regular full-time 2pm-11pm as a customer support guy so this is what I gained soaked and infused.
To make this post more interesting I am adding photo to this post of our casual meetup happened on the occasion of WordPress 14th anniversary
Note: free and open sources software, open source means freedom.
That’s what my brief story on Infuse.

If you want to like or organize and learn about WordPress is go the site its WordCamp central website.
Or find meetup in your city or village or you can start one.
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Thanks to WPMumbai WordPress community it’s courtesy and thanks to you WordPress.


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