It is Daunting task for me when installing server for PHP on local host

I want to start learning PHP because you are around the people of wordpress community and you do not know P of php that’s not good right,
If I know “PHP” then I can monetized my “PHP skill ,so went online on youtube to see “How to Learn PHP” ?
when a video came in suggestions tab of ‘Youtube’ , I came across a PHP 101 course by “John Morrison
It is really a nightmare when you have spend almost 3 days and you are not able to install a local server on to your desktop machine, I installed XAMP firstly did installed everything pre-requisites installed properly but something went wrong that what I write in .php file is was not rendering in my browser which really sucked my mind but definitely i will fix that issue if I tell that to my wordpress and wordcamp friends will do that soon, then another day installed WAMP did everything as pre-requisites says that “Microsoft Visual C++ packages ” to run my wamp server properly , I do not know what that ports are but still I told my skype to stop using port 80 , and made it to port 7 which i don’t know what port 7 is going to do.
installed wamp properly after that i created test folder in “www” in wamp and saved my document .php file and when tried to run still it shows simple code which says ‘hello World’ but still it didn’t go through apache and showed me the excat code I wrote.
so , got solution from that training course by john morris which says he uses “Nitrous clould IDE” which has already shut down and company is claiming that the will be back with self hosted open sourse software, then when finding alternatives suddenly my mouse hovered to the site called “Cloud9” so now i am testing and trying and writing code on “Clould9”.

now lets see how i am going to fix my local host “XAMP” & “WAMP” issues.
if you are facing same issues you can use “cloud IDE” platforms or get a help from your techincal friend which knows how to fix this issues of ‘local host’ or go through a forum.

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