My notes support team orientation notes for feb 2018.

Hey folks, its Vishal here!

I just received an email notification from the WordPress dot org support team about “April 5th Support Team Meeting summary”, they have regular weekly slack meetings and then publish the meeting notes, what caught my attention is “Support Team Volunteer Orientation program” as I am interested in Volunteering on Support Forums I found link of the previous volunteer orientation program slack meeting which happened in February of 2018.

I had a chance to go read the previous slack volunteering orientation meeting archive and found some important things that can help, so just want to summarize it for me and for those who are reading this post, I will be very glad If this helps you too!

In this post, I will be sharing what I learned from the Support Orientation program in Feb 2018.

  1. Read the forum support handbook here

  2. Awesome V/s Poor support forum replies

  3. You can use pre-defined replies

  4. Crafting own responses and reusing it using tool Textexpander

  5. The best way to start is with no-replies

  6. Subscribing to the topic which you reply or even if you don’t know the reply you can do that to so when someone replies you get notified and you get to learn the things that you don’t know.

  7. Every theme or plugin has it’s own dedicated forum so you can subscribe to that, just by click on button subscribe on that dedicated forum.

  8. Some of the helpful tools like Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey to avoiding overlapping replies


Thanks to Support Team and all the Volunteering team.

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