Survival and Survive in Digital World!

Survival in the digital era has already begun people in the US, UK and India are sending their children’s to programming schools or teaching them at home at an early age as if they learn to do these things new technologies then they are future proof.
I see a boy named Tanmay Bakshi he is popular amongst top young programmers he is being featured by IBM Watson.
Credits his online presence just search in any popular search engine you’ll find him.
These days new technologies like Blockchain, AI, IOT (The Internet of things) has revolutionized the future.
If you are early adopters of the new technologies then make more money out of it as compared to late adopters, have you figured out what if you know the computer from the early days ? then you could have learned more and earned more by adopting so always go with the flow and keep your eyes open do not say “No” so be early adopter if it works then it’s going to make you future proof.

Some folks are surviving as they know the way technology works can benefit them whole life but it keeps changing so need to stay updated always, automate things do things wisely make the use of technology be open minded always.

Things which you can do to keep yourself updated:
1.Read Technology Blogs.
2.Watch Videos on popular video sharing platforms.
3.Be social talk to people go to meetups, forums, conference and events.
4.Join forums relating to your niche.
Finally, read not just headlines but if it interests you, then read it completely and share it if benefits you and benefits others.

This post is response to today’s one-word prompt Survive.

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