The first experience to attend the group call on Zoom, by joining Support Driven Book Club.

Support Driven Book Club conference call. 

I had a chance to attend a Zoom conference call for the first time, as a part of Support Driven – book Club, Support Driven is a community for people who are passionate about customer support. Learn more about Support Driven at

Recently, they have started with a book club, where we together discuss the book we are reading currently is “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High”-Second Edition. Learn more about the book club here. A day after I attended my first Zoom conference, I received an email notification from Seth Godin’s Blog as I am subscribed to his mailing list, it was about Zoom & Skype call tips (the secrets of video conferences), that’s worth mentioning which can help you if you’re new the Zoom or Skype group calls.

I found myself in a hurry and few mistakes while speaking, but now I had a chance to read the tips that will help me improve the conversation on group conference calls. 
You can check out the blog post of the recorded version of the first conference call here.

Image credit via Support Driven’s Blog post.

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